I'm a producer, artist, admin and Tech Guy. Essentially I'm the Jack of All Trades you need. Life goal? Run things. Make an impact.

I'm a global nomad, with a wanderlust I can't seem to satiate which is at odds with my desire to find and build communities and help people succeed with the tools available. I'm used to wearing a lot of hats while maintaining a positive attitude. 

Former Support Technician and customer advocate at NationBuilder. Skills include DNS, Email best practices and basic HTML and CSS. I've worked with managing small businesses and artists and can assist in making sure you've got everything in line to move forward and succeed on a project. 

e-mail me lem[at]

Find me online most places @lemwerks





What do I do? 

Based in DC, I'm a Customer Success Manager at Mapbox. Helping customer's launch, find the value in our tools and push the limits of what geolocation technology. 

Producer and Advisor at Moving Arts

- Produce plays, Manage new play programming, database and outreach efforts. 

Miscellaneous other fun facts:

- I love my Spotify account and the Discover Weekly playlist, even when it's kinda off. 

- I spend most of my non-working online time deep in Instagram. 

- During the summers I work on a podcast: See it or Skip it LA We see plays for the Hollywood Fringe. Build Community. And help guide new audiences around what to see at Fringe. 


I help tell stories and teach with video:

The Pasadena Playhouse - 12 Angry Men | VISION | Make & Believe - Lemonade Stand Challenge (created and produced by kids).


What have I done?  

Operations Manager, Arts Admin Guru, Broken Spanish speaker and Teen Wrangler with 24th Street Theatre.

Artistic Associate, Community Organizer, Director of Patron Services and overall Digital Dude at The Pasadena Playhouse.